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A teenager is stable after receiving a “significant impalement” during an accident in Green Canyon on Monday, according to authorities.

In a statement released Tuesday, Cache County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mikelshan Bartschi said two boys were hiking in Green Canyon Monday evening when one of them was significantly injured by a large knife.

“They were just out hiking off the trails,” Bartschi told The Herald Journal. “Just doing what teenage boys do — trying to engage in some fun.”

While hiking off-trail, Bartschi said, the teenagers lost a knife they were using to clear brush. The minors slid down a hill on their backsides while searching for the knife and one of them slid onto the 10-inch blade, causing “significant impalement,” according to Bartschi.

Bartschi said the cliff-laden area where the boys were hiking, roughly a mile from the mouth of the canyon, made extraction difficult. However, the other teen was able to call for help.

“We ended up calling a helicopter to hoist him off the mountain,” Bartschi said. “It’s one of those tragic accidents where we want to remind everybody to keep up on your first-aid, and if you’re out in the backcountry, have the proper equipment.”

According to the statement, one helicopter located and hoisted the boy to the mouth of the canyon, where he was stabilized in an ambulance and then flown to a Salt Lake City hospital for further treatment. Bartschi said the boy required both blood and fluids at the mouth of the canyon.

“Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the families,” Bartschi said, offering the victim a speedy recovery. “It’s a tough one to recover from.”

Bartschi thanked the first responders and the volunteers who helped facilitate the rescue. Bartschi said local Search and Rescue helped set up helicopter landing zones, directed individuals up to the scene of the accident and had a contingency plan in place if the helicopter rescue fell through.

“Our Search and Rescue cadre is just phenomenal,” Bartschi said. “They are absolutely a bright and shining star in public service, for sure.”

The Sheriff’s Office encourages those hiking off-trail to have the proper equipment, to check weather conditions and to have an emergency plan which includes a way to contact help if needed. Hikers are encouraged to have first-aid and Stop The Bleed training.

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