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Cache Valley’s Child & Family Support Center (CFSC) will soon have a new name — The Family Place — which they will officially adopt at an event Saturday in partnership with Lee’s Marketplace and the Cache Valley Morning Rotary.

“Changing our name is a monumental step that has required careful consideration,” stated Jim Payant, president of The Family Place Board of Directors. “The basic reasoning behind the change is to create a more family friendly and welcoming name that will also help to establish our own unique identity and allow us to reach and serve a larger population in the community.”

Born out of an effort to clarify their identity, the name change has been in the works since last October. The nonprofit, which has served over 10,000 families over the past year through its various family centered workshops and counseling, has often been mistaken for a government agency, and its purpose has at times been mistaken with that of other agencies, Payant said. He added that the hope with the name change is to better reflect the Family Place’s official purpose: Building Stronger Families.

“Public reaction has been extremely positive,” said Esterlee Molyneux, The Family Place’s Executive Director. “It best reflects our primary purpose — it’s family friendly, warm, inviting. One of our clients the other day said that the name just feels cozy.”

Molyneux said she is proud of The Family Place’s partnership with Lee’s Marketplace, gymnastic groups that will perform Saturday, and the Cache Valley Morning Rotary, which has made a $2,500 commitment to the nonprofit.

“They’re big entities that all believe in families and in supporting our community, which has always been our bottom line,” she said.

In addition to their new name, The Family Place is continually looking to expand their services to a greater community. With locations in Logan, Smithfield, and most recently Hyrum, Molyneux said the hope is that the new name will draw more community members to their services.

“Cache Valley prides itself on strong families, which are the foundation of our strong community,” said Molyneux. “The role of The Family Place is to uplift, edify and encourage the good things that families are already doing, and to be here to support them during the stressful and challenging times as well.”


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