To the editor:

I am a licensed Concealed Firearms Permit instructor for the State of Utah and have been since 2002. I have seen a lot of misinformation spread out there by word of mouth and the media about where a person can and cannot carry a concealed firearm in the state. Specifically, businesses that post "no firearms allowed" signs. Utah law 53-5-710 clearly states:

A person with a permit to carry a concealed firearm may not carry a concealed firearm in the following locations:

(1) any secure area prescribed in Section 76-10-523.5 in which firearms are prohibited and notice of the prohibition posted;

(2) in any airport secure area as provided in Section 76-10-529; or

(3) in any house of worship or in any private residence where dangerous weapons are prohibited as provided in Section 76-10-530.

A secure area is defined as any area not accessible to the general public.

Therefore, the Cache Valley Mall cannot legally restrict a person from carrying concealed on their property because it is not a secure area or airport, is not a private residence and is not a church.

They can however "refuse service," in which case a person who is asked to leave the property and does not, can be cited for trespassing. But that would only happen if someone who is carrying is not carrying concealed, because if you conceal properly, no one should know that you are. And a prudent individual should not advertise that they carry anyway. In the meantime, I think all responsible gun owners should make it known that a business that chooses to infringe on the Second Amendment may not be worth our time and, more importantly, our money. Sorry Cache Valley Mall, I won't be stopping by anytime soon.

Jim Poulsen