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For this month’s assignment I asked readers to submit photos with the topic “I love ...” There were a lot of good entries but two of them stood out to me, based on the quality of the photo and for sticking to the topic.

The first was shot by Ross Trowbridge. He titled it, “I love model railroading.” I like the photo because of the depth of field. You can see that the lettering on the barn is sharp but the railroad tracks are out of focus. This draws your attention to a spot in the photo that he wants you to focus on. It also helps that the spot is of a landmark that locals are all familiar with.

The other was shot by Heather Palmer. She says, “I love when my toddler finally falls asleep and I especially love seeing how much my husband loves his son.” I liked the photo because it was a true moment that was captured, which is what all photojournalists try to do every day. Some people may point out flaws like the hand and forehead being overexposed a bit, but to me it doesn’t really matter. She got the emotional moment and that is what counts.

Next month’s topic will be religious buildings. Just make sure that before you photograph inside a church, get permission from the ecclesiastical leader. The deadline for entries will be April 2. Email your photos to:

Eli Lucero is the chief photographer at The Herald Journal. “Your Assignment” is an ongoing photography project at the newspaper.

Eli Lucero is the photo editor of The Herald Journal. He can be reached at or 435-792-7242.

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