A Logan man went to the emergency room late Wednesday night after he was bit by a squirrel and had to assure the staff he was not out chasing squirrels in the dark of night.

John Amundsen and his wife Erin were headed to bed at about 11 p.m. when they saw movement on the staircase inside their home. When they looked closer, they realized a dog toy appeared to be moving and the hunt was on.

The squirrel climbed the brick wall adjacent to the staircase twice before John managed to catch the rodent, but he got bit for his troubles.

John, an Army veteran who lives on Logan’s east bench, had no qualms about going after the squirrel and he even thought to use a towel to protect his hands — he just missed its little rodent mouth when he snatched it up.

John was released from the hospital with a minor cut and a prescription for antibiotics just in case.

Erin said her husband would like to keep the squirrel, which she identified as a northern flying squirrel, but it was picked up by an animal control officer Thursday morning.

The squirrel is apparently just a baby, and squirrels reportedly are not known to carry rabies, but they can carry typhus, so it will be quarantined at the Cache Humane Society for 10 days, she said.

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