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To many people, 700 West in Logan might seem like a small street out of the way from downtown with just a few homes and businesses. But to the third generation of the Egbert family, it’s a place that has a lot sentimental value.

On the west side of the street is Western Mechanical, a family owned business that has provided heating and air conditioning in Cache Valley, Idaho and Wyoming since 1971. On the east side of the street is the former home of Milford John and Melba Allen Egbert.

Today, a framed picture of the couple sits atop a fireplace inside the showroom of Custom Fireplace & Stove, 120 S. 700 West, which opened at the beginning of March. The business is right next door to the late elder Egbert’s former home.

“I think they’d be proud,” said Joe Egbert, co-owner of Custom Fireplace & Stove.

Joe Egbert said the Egbert family, along with a fourth co-owner, Steve Speth, opened up this fireplace and stove store because they wanted to better showcase an inventory Western Mechanical already provides.

Come into Custom Fireplace & Stove’s showroom, and you’ll see an old-fashioned stove to your right, serving as a reminder of just how far technology has come in improving heating needs.

“(Fireplaces are) definitely a luxury; it’s not a need anymore,” Joe Egbert said. “A fireplace is not just a fireplace anymore — the sky is the limit.”

The Egbert co-owners, Joe, Jack and Kris, boast the technology and solutions Custom Fireplace & Stove has to offer.

Kris wielded a smartphone during an interview with The Herald Journal, explaining how he could turn on the fireplace embedded in one of walls with just a few clicks.

He also showed off a strip that was embedded in a long conference table in the showroom. Once the propane tank underneath the conference table was turned on, the flames would ignite with a roar.

As far as Custom Fireplace & Stove’s solutions for fireplaces are concerned, looks can be deceiving, as some of the fireplaces don’t actually have flames but use realistic holographs.

“You can run it constantly, and it produces no heat until you turn it on,” Jack Egbert said. “You can have the look of the fire without the heat of the fire.”

He said customers are attracted to this kind of fireplace because the flat panel can easily be installed in any room. It’s most often installed in bedrooms, Jack Egbert said.

Other, more traditional-looking fireplace options Custom Fireplace & Stove provides don’t have real wood but burn natural gas, saving energy, protecting the environment and saving time and effort for the customer, the Egberts said.

“They’ll never burn away,” Jack Egbert said. “It’s a constant flame all night, and you never have to do anything with it.”

Custom Fireplace and Stove offers pellet and wood-burning stoves for heating and cooking.

The wood-burning stoves are EPA-certified and can be burned on red air days.

Custom Fireplace & Stove provides other unique solutions, such as a custom-made fire ring, bearing the USU Aggies logo and the bull, for burning wood.

Technology may be changing fireplaces and stoves, the Egberts say, but people’s need — and love — for fireplaces will never burn out.

“I think a lot of people like fireplaces just because it brings back memories from childhood,” Kris Egbert said. “It always brings a certain connection.”

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