And they’ve lived happily ever after. That usually comes at the end of the story, but this story continues as Warren and Alta Burton celebrate 60 years together. Their story began when they met in Switzerland while serving as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although they each tell a different version of that meeting, it is obvious they were meant for each other. Before Alta’s mission, she received a degree in nursing. They were married in the Logan Temple on June 27, 1958.

Their happiness continued over the next 13 years as they welcomed eight children into their lives: Greg, Denise, Pat, Jill, Jan, Lindsay, Natalie and Allison. They raised their children in a home with an abundance of love and showed by example the kind of affection and respect parents should have for each other. Many evenings you could find Warren and Alta walking together hand-in-hand enjoying a moment of quiet away from their children. Through the challenges of daily living, they consistently chose each other to love and cherish each new day.

Warren was a professor of music at Utah State University for 39 years. In 1972, they went back to school so Warren could get his Doctorate. They loaded up a trailer and moved their family to Eugene, Oregon. There, through the fantastic support given by Alta, Warren was able to complete his doctoral program by doing over 80 credit hours in just four quarters. He was Music Department Head for seven years until he resigned his position in 1987 to preside over the Munich, Germany Mission.

It is said that behind every successful man is a great woman and so it is in this family. Warren spent decades as a professional entertainer with appearances on “The Tonight Show” and other national TV shows with Bob Barker and Bob Newhart. Although Warren was center stage, Alta generously supported and cheered him on. She enjoyed watching the audience laugh and applaud her husband. His success was her success. Alta is famous for hundreds of handwork gifts.

Over their 60 years together they have supported and helped each other as they served the Savior faithfully in many different positions in their church. He was a Temple Sealer for over 10 years. Their missionary service continued from 2001 to 2003 as they served as Church Education System missionaries in the Czech Republic. They serve together as Patriarch and Scribe in a Young Single Adult Stake at Utah State University.

Their posterity has expanded to 55 grandchildren and 52 great-grandchildren with more on the way. Yes, they are living happily ever after and that will continue through eternity for true love stories never end.