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Once upon a time, when Marcia and Dan met

Love was abundantly strong in the air

For she was a stewardess and he in the Air Force

Together they made quite a pair.

After they wed, Marcia worked in an office

Barber Dan owned a shop and cut hair

In Denver they lived and had two awesome children

Who were also an outstanding pair.

Thirteen years came and thirteen years went

Before they made Logan their lair

Where they ran the Montgomery Wards Catalog store

And were known as a hard working pair.

Later, at Adams Elementary and then USU

Marcia worked as a secretary so fair

Dan shifted his gears and customized cars

Yet they still were an enchanting pair.

Dan and Marcia were often packing their bags

As they traveled the world over with flair

And during a year and a half stint in Nauvoo

They were an amazing missionary pair.

Music is an important part of their union

They enjoy dancing like Rogers and Astaire

Marcia is a drummer and Dan is a singer

They make such a noteworthy pair.

Anniversaries come and anniversaries go

But to reach the 60th milestone is rare

As a family we’d like to honor their love

For apparently they’re still quite a pair!

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