KOCH birthday

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The Children of Helmut Albert Koch are happy to announce the 80th birthday of their father.

Helmut was born September 3, 1940, to Walter and Marie Koch in Haan, Germany, and lived there until he was 13 years old. His parents immigrated to the United States after his Dad returned from being held for 5 years in a Russian prison camp post-WWII. Helmut has always been grateful that his family escaped the horrors of WWII intact. Many people have had the privilege of hearing him share his stories of being a child in war torn Germany.

His family settled in Logan and he attended Logan High School. After graduating, he met Birgit Sorensen, who had also immigrated to America years before as a young teenager, from Denmark. She was living and working in Logan at the time they met. Helmut left to serve a mission in Austria for the LDS Church from 1960 to 1963 and Birgit waited for him. After Helmut was released as a missionary the two were married in Aalborg, Denmark, and they were sealed in the Swiss Temple.

After returning to the United States they made their home in North Logan and raised their four children, David Koch, Anita Hughes, Natalie Rawlinson, and Brian Koch. They have twelve grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

Helmut spent his career working for the LDS Church in Facilities Management and Security and built a successful sewing machine repair business on the side.

His skills as a master craftsman have always been more than a hobby for Helmut, from building his home to building chicken coops and bird houses, he always has a project in the works. To anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Helmut and Birgit’s home, they can surely attest to the talents of this very gifted couple. Helmut has many other hobbies that have kept him busy over the years and is always ready for an adventure.

His children and grandchildren know of the deep gratitude he has for his parents and their sacrifices in making the decision to come to America. He is truly thankful to be a citizen of the United States and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Life has been good to him.

Happy 80th birthday Dad! We love you!

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