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Janeé Elizabeth Smith and her twin, Joan Eliza, were born on April 29, 1930, to Percy and Gladys Smith. Though small enough to sleep in a shoebox, they thrived and grew up in a loving home in west Logan with their siblings Valarie, Sidney, and Susan. Janeé graduated from Logan High School in 1948 and married David Walker the same year. His educational and professional pursuits took them to Ithaca, New York, and Raleigh, North Carolina. They returned to Logan in 1960 with six children and purchased his parents’ home on the Boulevard, where they welcomed four more children. With five sons and five daughters, Mom kept busy with childcare, meal preparation, endless laundry, and church callings. Though she and Dad traveled to many exotic places, she preferred being home with her children. Mom read medical articles avidly, as she dreamed of a career as a nurse. Her medical skills came in handy while raising her own children and while giving advice years later to heal her grandchildren.

Gathering with social groups has always been important to Mom. Until recently, she met often with her high school friends for lunch and attended Booklore and DUP meetings. In past years she participated in a knitting club, USU-sponsored Ceres’ Wives, Singing Mothers, and many church events. Mom set a wonderful example for us through her solid faith in Jesus Christ. During her lifelong membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she served faithfully in Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary callings.

Some of Mom’s cherished memories involve Bear Lake. She loved traveling there as a child and, more recently, enjoying lunch at LaBeau’s with her girlfriends and staying in a cabin with her family each summer. Now Mom’s books, puzzles, and TV game shows keep her cheerful during isolation. Before COVID-19, Mom welcomed her posterity to her home each Sunday night. Everyone enjoyed the fun chatter, treats, and camaraderie that we shared during the “Sunday Party.” Mom loves anything that promotes family unity. Playing Five Crowns, solving puzzles, making her delicious fudge and date pinwheels for Christmas, hosting family picnics, and celebrating holidays and birthdays have created lasting memories for all of us. Her children, Brent and Rocelyn Walker, Steve Walker, Ralph and Marsha Walker, Karen and Dave Petersen, Jan Jardine, Keith and Patti Walker, Jill Smith, Jennifer and Matthew Hyde, Craig and Mandy Walker, and Amy and Dave Astle, as well as 41 grandchildren and 65 great-grandchildren, wish Mom a very happy 90th birthday!

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