Knighton's 90th

Delna was born in Blanding on July 6, 1929. She graduated from San Juan High School in 1947 and then LDS Business College. She moved to Brooklyn, New York with her sister and worked as a secretary at Dixie Mills in New York City, where she rode the subway to work daily. While there, she met Parley Knighton on a Hudson River boat ride that was a church mutual activity. They married in 1950.

As a military wife, she moved her family often, including Colorado Springs, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico; the Azores Islands, Portugal; Shreveport, Louisiana; and San Angelo, Texas. Her husband, Parley, retired from the US Air Force while stationed at Hillfield. They lived in Logan and finally settled in Providence. She loves her flowers and gardening as well as reading.

Delna lost her sweetheart in 1975 and raised the children alone. The couple had nine children, four boys and five girls. The boys are: Wayne (deceased), Raymond, Gary and Don Knighton. The girls are: Joyce Casella, Lynda Clark, Ruth Kramer, Sharon Hardman, and Donna Knighton. Delna has 34 grandchildren and 60 great grandchildren, with more on the way.

The family celebrated her birthday in Layton.