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Happy Birthday Val and Sue Grant!

In Kansas City, Missouri,

Sue was born on August 12, 1940.

Val was too.

Sue’s family moved to the Mile High City.

Val’s did too.

In 1953 Sue went to a pool party.

Val did too.

Sue was smitten.

Val was too.

In 1962 Sue got married.

Val did too.

Sue became a parent to Charlie, Christy and Lisa.

Val did too.

Sue has been married for 58 happy years.

Val has too.

Sue is amazed she made it to 80.

Val is too.

In 1970 Sue and Val packed up the kids, leaving Denver for Logan, Utah. The plan was for Val to get a PhD in Wildlife Biology at Utah State, then return to the big city and the life they knew. The former happened, the latter did not.

Logan cast its spell.

Fifty years later, nestled in the valley that has given them so much, Val and Sue are still here. Not only had they found a safe place where Charlie, Christy and Lisa could run wild and grow, but invaluable lifelong friends and rewarding careers (nursing for Sue, running a successful business, Bio-Resources, for Val).

As insatiable wanderlusts, they have had the good fortune to travel to South America, South Africa, China, Morocco, and many European countries.

Sue and Val are the proud parents of three wonderful kids. But while being a parent has its rewards, being grandparents is where it’s at. Son, Charlie and wife Rosey Hastings live in London. Daughter Christy and partner David Young live in Park City. Their daughters are Anastasia and Kayla. Daughter Lisa and partner Brett Johnson live in Salt Lake City. Their children are Aseeya, Thea, and Sabrina.

Sue wishes her beloved a Happy Birthday.

Val does too.

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