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I’m 90 years old! As Marilyn “Chris”tensen Clark, I answer to “Marilyn” or “Chris.”

In 1928, a safe and “Golden Time,” no one thought much about November 12, 2018, but everyone was happy I’d arrived. I was too.

I grew up on a fruit farm in Orem, Utah; began college at BYU; graduated from Utah State University (art-elementary education, ‘51); Met Ralph (art-photography, ‘50); We married in 1954. USU again offered enrichment, education and association when Ralph joined the Art Department in 1964.

Our children are our treasures: Paul and Jenny, Carrie and Kelly Merrill, Trudy and Ted Peterson, Brian and Krystn, Jennifer C. and Gordon Clark; 14 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. We’ve missed our “RT” Ralph Tracy for two years now.

Senior citizen? At first, I didn’t admit I qualified and paid full price instead. Now I’m grateful for benefits offered and thoughtful people who generously give help needed.

I’ve seen many beautiful valleys and totally fallen in love with two: Utah Valley for my first 25 years and Cache Valley for the last 54.

Problems here? Apparently! Recent front-page news: The FBI coming to Logan to solve a “ricin powder” crime and “wayward pythons” loose in the streets.

Seriously, our opportunity is to do our best to join good people everywhere who step up to be part of the solutions in our askew world.

At a free Tabernacle noon concert, I agreed with the sentiments of one of our highly-valued summer senior citizens who had volunteered to offer the prayer. After his respectful opening, it went something like this:

“We always get excited for that first glimpse of Cache Valley — this little hidden treasure that welcomes us for a summer. It offers us so much.

“We can take classes at USU, attend theatre, musicals, operas, art and community events, Summer Fest, 4th of July, Farmers’ Markets for local produce, these Logan Tabernacle concerts professionally and voluntarily performed by local talents and artists in town for the summer, magnificent canyons a short drive away, over the mountain for offerings south, exhilarating hikes, more delights through Logan Canyon to Bear Lake.

“People treat you like a friend.

“Our summer in Cache Valley regenerates us culturally, physically, educationally, and spiritually. Amen.”

We feel the same way, especially when any of us who live away or have been away come home to Cache Valley.

Thank you, God. Thank you, family and friends. Thank you, Cache Valley.

We, the children, approve of this message and add:

Thank you, Mom! You have always been a light to us! Your unique and excellent way of doing things has inspired our creativity and desire to minister to others. We love you!

Paul, Carrie, Trudy, Brian, and Jennifer

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