Members of the media on a tour of the City Creek Center watch the unique retractable glass roof slide into place over the shopping galleria Wednesday October 26. The new shopping and dining destination will transform downtown Salt Lake City with it's mix of modern architecture, historic restoration and the above ground flowing City Creek flowing through the setting. It is opening March 22, 2012.Photo courtesy Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune

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A Logan-based welding company is behind the makings of a retractable roof system that is to be a focal point of a new multi-million dollar upscale shopping center set to open in Salt Lake City this week.

Ducworks Inc., located at 1725 N. 600 West, worked with the contractors Jacobson Construction and Uni-Systems, to complete the multi-million dollar system over an 18-month period. With the help of 50 workers, Ducworks fabricated approximately 2 million pounds of structural steel for the retractable roof system that covers about two blocks of downtown Salt Lake.

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One Who Knows: you are correct, the roof itself will not be a tourist attraction. What I thought I was expressing (or was trying to express and obviously failed) during the interview with the reporter was that City Creek Center itself will be a tourist attraction. The retractable roof simply adds to the center's allure.

one who knows

meh.. i disagree with the article, the roof may serve a purpose but I doubt people are going to travel from miles around to see a roof that for the most part will be open and stationary.. as well as stated in the article "So I definitely think this (roof) will be a tourist attraction" and "The roof is meant to be inconspicuous" really do not go together....


What else did you spill?

I am happy to see that the unique skills of people who work hard and do a good job are recognized by those outside of Cache Valley. These are not as easy to find as one might think. Certainly not as easy as finding disparaging remarks in the comments section of the HJ.


This has been a monumental project. I am proud to have spilled sweat on this location!

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