Details for Notice of Boundary Line Adjustment

Notice of Boundary Line Adjustment and Public Hearing Please take notice that Providence City Council has adopted resolution 010-2021. Resolution 010-2021 puts forth Providence City Counsels intent to adjust a boundary line that is shared with Millville City. The boundary line adjustment in question comprises generally at and legally described as follows: Parcel No. 02-117-0015 and 02-117-0020 located in the general area of 600 S 285 West and 645 S 200 W. Providence City Council will adjust the boundaries as proposed in Resolution 010-2021 unless a written protest to the adjustment is filed by: an owner of private real property that is located within the area proposed for adjust; covers at least 25% of the total private land area within the area proposed for adjustment; and is equal in value to at least 15% of the value of all private real property within the area proposed for adjustment; or is a title holder of state-owned real property. Said objection or protest may be made at or before the upcoming public hearing scheduled for: Date: MAY 19th, 2021 Time: 6:00 PM Location: 164 N Gateway Dr. Providence UT 84332 Objections to the boundary line adjustment may also be emailed to Published May 1, 8, 15, 2021 Ref. No. 96490