Details for Notice of Certification of

Notice of Certification of Annexation Petition Pursuant to Section 10-2-406, Utah Code Annotated, Paradise Town, Utah, hereby gives notice as follows: 1. A petition proposing the annexation of real property has been filed with the Town of Paradise by Chris and Connie Nielsen. 2. On October 7, 2020 the Paradise Town Council received the required Notice of Certification from the Town Recorder certifying that the Petition met the requirements of State Law. 3. The area proposed for annexation in the Petition is described as: A PART OF THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 34, TOWNSHIP 10 NORTH, RANGE 1 EAST OF THE SALT LAKE BASE AND MERIDIAN. BEGINNING AT A POINT ON THE SOUTH LINE OF PARADISE COUNTRY ESTATES PHASE 2 LOCATED SOUTH 89°56’44” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 1319.01 FEET AND SOUTH 0°03’16” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 4165.64 FEET AND SOUTH 88°25’42” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 1,074.61 FEET FROM THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF SAID SECTION 34 AND RUNNING THENCE ALONG SAID SOUTH LINE SOUTH 88°25’42” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 14.38 FEET TO THE CENTERLINE OF THE PARADISE CANAL; THENCE ALONG SAID CENTERLINE THE FOLLOWING SEVEN (7) COURSES: (1) SOUTH 01°17’40” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 65.21 FEET; (2) SOUTH 17°31’54” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 61.62 FEET; (3) SOUTH 25°43’50” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 60.09 FEET; (4) SOUTH 16°16’23” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 73.42 FEET; (5) SOUTH 15°28’31” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 66.21 FEET; (6) SOUTH 19°47’24” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 72.04 FEET; (7) SOUTH 00°10’00” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 49.60 FEET TO THE SOUTH LINE EXTENDED OF 9600 SOUTH STREET; THENCE ALONG SAID SOUTH LINE EXTENDED NORTH 88°25’42” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 12.91 FEET TO THE CURRENT CORPORATE LIMITS LINE OF PARADISE TOWN; THENCE ALONG SAID CORPORATE LIMITS LINE THE FOLLOWING FOUR (4) COURSES: (1) NORTH 02°15’48” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 43.63 FEET; (2) NORTH 16°13’46” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 149.27 FEET; (3) NORTH 21°02’01” WEST, A DISTANCE OF 181.49 FEET; (4) NORTH 01°25’48” EAST, A DISTANCE OF 73.50 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING. CONTAINING 0.15 ACRES 4. The complete Annexation Petition is available for inspection and copying at the Paradise Town Hall, 9035 S 100 W, Paradise, Utah. 5. Paradise Town may grant the petition and annex the above described area unless a written protest to the Annexation Petition is filed with the Cache County Boundary Commission c/o Janeen Allen, Secretary, 199 No Main, Logan, UT 84321, and a copy of the protest is delivered to the Paradise Town Recorder at the address 9035 S 100 W, Paradise, UT 84328. Any protest must be filed as herein stated no later than November 6, 2020. 6. A protest to the Petition may be filed with the Boundary Commission and the Town Recorder by the legislative or governing body of an “affected entity”. The written protest must contain: the reason for the protest; justification for the protest under the standards of the annexation statute; other pertinent information; name and address of the contact person in respect to protest proceedings. Paradise Town Council Publication Dates: October 15, October 22, October 29, 2020 Ref. No. 40637