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Request For Proposal for Construction Manager/General Contractor(CM/GC: Franklin County Medical Center, located in Preston, Idaho, is seeking proposals from qualified firms for CM/GC services for construction of a medical office building. The CM/GC selection process will include an evaluation of proposal, and interviews with select firms. Submitting Proposals: Any firm submitting a proposal must submit two (2) printed copies, and one (1) digital PDF copy of your proposal on a physical medical thumb drive. Proposals shall be sealed and are to be submitted to: Franklin County Medical Center, Attn: Darin Dransfield, 44 N 1st E, Preston, ID 83263. Proposals must be submitted to Franklin County Medical Center by 12:00 PM, November 27, 2020. Late submittals will be rejected without consideration. Franklin County Medical Center assumes no responsibility for costs related to the preparation or delivery of submittals. Proposals shall be opened on December 2, 2020. Franklin County Medical Center reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. Proposal Evaluation and Potential Interview Invitations: Proposals will be evaluated by Franklin County Medical Center CM/CG Selection Committee. The selection committee will review and rank the submittals. At the committee’s discretion, staff from select firms, may be invited to an interview with the selection committee. Interviews will be conducted on, or around December 10, 2020. Proposal Requirements and Evaluation Criteria: CM/GC firms interested in the project will be evaluated upon a project proposal which includes the firm’s team, and individual qualifications and abilities, management plan, reference information, and past experience. The selection committee shall use, but is not limited to, the following information in evaluating each CM/GC firm. Project Proposal: The interested CM/GC firms shall submit a Project Proposal which includes qualifications, management plan, reference information, and past experience. Provide specific and concise information addressing the following. Section A: A brief profile of the firm, including number of years providing CM/GC services to healthcare facilities under this name. Include the firm’s address, phone, fax number, website, etc., and the person to contact via email regarding this project. Section B: 1) Identify the proposed project team, including the project manager, site superintendent, project engineer, and other staff to be directly involved on site in the proposed project. 2) Provide an organization chart to clarify the Contractor’s supervision and support structure during each phase of the project. 3) Identify the years of/and experience possessed by the project manager and site superintendent specific to the design and construction of rural healthcare facilities. Please include all applicable qualification, licenses, certifications, etc., of the proposed project manager and site superintendent. 4) Define the percentage of the project manager’s weekly schedule which will be spent physically on the project site. Also, define the percentage of the project superintendents weekly schedule which will be spent on the project site. Section C: Specifically identify and detail healthcare projects and projects of similar scope and nature, and detail the specific involvement of each member of the proposed team on these projects. Section D: Describe your preferred management plan to meet Franklin County Medical Center’s needs and desired deadline. The plan should specifically address the following: 1) Information on how the project will be managed, including items such as security and safety controls, quality control, and required interfaces at the site with the subcontractors, municipalities, utilities, inspectors, etc.; 2) Information on the firm’s process for screening, selecting, and managing subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, etc.; 3) The general information provides a proposed, design and construction schedule. Identify any potential concerns or recommendations for achieving the required deadline of the proposed schedule, including critical dates and other information in sufficient detail for the selection committee to determine if the time frames are reasonable and acceptable; 4) Services available during the Preconstruction Phase of this project and the individuals who will be performing these services; 5) Ability to mitigate and respond to emergencies (24/7) on the project site and campus; 6) Bidding. For more information, or to indicate interest, or for further questions, contact Allyson Wadsworth, via mail at 44 N 100 E, Preston, ID 83263, via telephone at (208) 852-4132, or via email at All questions or inquiries should be submitted by 2:00 p.m. November 25, 2020. Also to express a desire to be on the email list for further information, send a brief statement of interest to Allyson Wadsworth at the email listed above. Published November 18, 25, 2020 Ref. No. 49015