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NeciaSeamons / By NECIA P. SEAMONS 

Devere Burbank lost his shed and its contents, but he’s relieved no one was hurt and the surrounding structures, including a home north of the shed, were protected.


Fall flowers in full glory

The beautiful flowers tended by Joel and Lois Palmer at their Preston home are in their full fall glory. Lois said her secret to such beauty is to “just love them.” In 2014, the couple moved into this home. Joel was raised there. The home was built by his grandfather, William Palmer.

Locals will find choices at election time

With the blessing of choice at the end of their pencils, Franklin County residents will have a few options at the upcoming election.

Those candidates for the positions that are open for election in Franklin County are as follows:

For Franklin County Fire Commissioner District #1 (a four year term) are Fred Titensor and David B. Kerr. In District #2, (also a four year term) is Brian B. Checketts.

On the Clifton City Council two positions are open for four-year terms. Candidates are: David Wand, Andrew Clawson, Tennison Westover and Kristin Skinner.

On the Dayton City Council, two positions are also open for four-year terms. Candidates are: Stacy Moser and Dee Beckstead. Both are incumbents.

On the Franklin City Council two positions are also open for four year terms. Candidates are: Tauma Noel, John D. Packer, Marilyn Sanchez, Corey Richards, and Deirdra Burgess. Incumbents are Packer and Burgess.

In Oxford City the mayor’s seat is open, and the candidate is Jarrod Barlow. A four-year council seat is also open, but no one filed to run for that position.

In Preston City two people have filed to run for the mayoral seat: Mark W. Beckstead and Dan Keller. Beckstead is the incumbent.

Preston City also has two four-year council seats up for election. Candidates are: Brent Dodge, Terry D. Larsen, Bradley Wall, and Tonia L. Brown. Larsen and Wall are incumbents.

Weston City has two four-year council seats up for election. Candidates are Sarah Layland and Scott Russell Vahsholtz. Leyland is the incumbent.