The first “Lego Movie” set a precedent that’s hard to live up to. Then came “Lego Batman” and “Lego Ninjago” and we soon discovered that the “Lego” movies, with their patented sardonic wit, will rarely, if ever, be bad. “The Lego Movie: Part 2 – The Second Part” is just as fun and delightful as its predecessors.

The only thing that hampers “Lego Movie 2” from being completely perfect is that it doesn’t benefit from the unknown the same way the first movie did. When the first film in the franchise was announced, some of us knew what the humor might be because we’d played the Lego video games. However, nothing could prepare us for the storytelling and humor Phil Lord and Christopher Miller would bring to the world of Lego.

“Lego Movie 2” starts just after the first ended, when an army of Duplo blocks descended on Emmet (Chris Pratt) and his friends. This was because in the real-world, Finn’s (Jadon Sand) sister was invited to come play with his dad’s huge Lego collection. This movie is all about the relationship between Finn and Bianca (Brooklynn Prince) and how that tenuous sibling rivalry manifests itself in the Legos themselves.

Everything from the dry absurdist humor to the candy-colored visuals creates a fun, inventive movie. Some stuff may seem like we’ve been there, done that; but most of this movie ventures out on its own, attempting to find new humor and new lessons in which to teach.

In the land of the Legos, Emmet and his friends live in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Duplos have destroyed their civilization of Bricksburg and now they simply survive. That is until a new type of Lego – is it a droid? – is spotted and kidnaps a few of Emmet’s closest friends.

Again, Emmet must go on a journey to save his friends while learning a little bit about himself in the process.

Like I said, some of these themes were covered in the first movie, but here we get to deeply explore them and how Emmet’s point of view reflects that of Finn’s.

What this movie nails are the rocky relationships most siblings have when it comes to possessions and sharing. Finn is much older than Bianca and, so it seems, they don’t share much in common except for loving Legos.

Finn doesn’t like Bianca encroaching on his territory. So, like many big brothers, he becomes defensive and mean.

Many kids might watch this film and see themselves in the human characters and perhaps a way to become better people.

Overall, “Lego Movie 2” is funny and entertaining. It has enough jokes that adults will get a kick out it just like they did the other “Lego” movies. It’s bright and bold and full of action that will keep the little kids interested the whole time all the while learning some life lessons. It’s another worthy entry in the growing “Lego” filmography.

Aaron Peck is a movie critic based in Cache Valley. You can follow him on Twitter: @AaronPeck

Aaron Peck is a movie critic based in Cache Valley. You can follow him on Twitter: @AaronPeck