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For this month’s assignment I asked readers to submit photos with the topic of springtime. There were a lot of good photos submitted of flowers and blossoms on trees.

The one that stood out for me this month though was of a subject that is associated with spring, but not very pretty or photogenic. It was of a worm, shot by John Mays. I liked how Mays shot it at ground level to make the worm more dominate in the picture. Also I liked that the depth of field was really shallow so that the whole worm and dirt was not in focus. The little bit of green grass provided just the right amount of color to set off all the brown in the photo.

For next month’s assignment the topic will be “environmental portrait.” Shoot a portrait of someone in a way that we can tell something about them as they do their job, hobby etc. On Monday I will have a blog post on hjnews.com giving suggestions, and showing some examples.

Email your photos to: photo@hjnews.com.

Eli Lucero is the chief photographer at The Herald Journal. “Your Assignment” is an ongoing photography project at the newspaper.

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