Jenna Dyckman

Jenna Dyckman

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Hello Cache Valley! I’m excited to be writing my first article for The Herald Journal. To introduce myself, my name is Jenna Dyckman and was hired to work for Utah State University Extension in August of this year.

Many of you who have read this article in the past are familiar with Jacob Hadfield and the articles he writes each month. I work in the same office as Jake, in the Cache County building on Main Street.

I am the new Family and Consumer Science Agent. Jake and I will be switching off weeks to bring you a variety of articles related to agriculture, nutrition, health and wellness and much more!

For my first article I wanted to introduce myself. I grew up on the east coast, in North Carolina. I moved out west to Idaho for college and completed my B. S. degree in Exercise Physiology at BYU-Idaho. I then moved to northern Idaho to get my M. S. degree at the University of Idaho.

While pursuing my master’s at the University of Idaho, I also completed their two-year dietetics program to become a Registered Dietitian. After I graduated, I worked for BYU-Idaho and taught a variety of nutrition classes.

My grandparents were born and raised in Northern Utah and later in their life, they had a ranch out in Grouse Creek. For many years, I spent the summers at their ranch and have many fond memories of riding horses, exploring the sage brush hills, helping repair fences on the land and best of all being trusted to slowly drive the truck as hay bales were loaded on the back. So I am very excited to be living and working in Cache County!

I am passionate about nutrition and all things food! I love cooking good food and eating good food too. My mantra is all foods fit in a healthy lifestyle. What is important is finding balance and variety in the foods you eat and in your everyday life. I am committed to educating the public on important topics of nutrition, health, and wellness.

I am grateful to be a member of this great community and look forward to serving all of you in Cache County. It would be great to hear your questions and concerns related to nutrition and healthy living.

Don’t be afraid to drop by and visit me at the USU Extension office or give me a call if you ever have any questions. Or you can email me at I’ll send you a response and I may even write an article about the topic! For quick tips and information on how to implement mindfulness to make healthy living simple, sustainable, and fun, follow me on Instagram at @usuhealthyliving.

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