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An aggressive moose charged and stomped a cross-country skier in Green Canyon last Wednesday.

According to Cache National Forest Logan District Ranger Jennefer Parker, the incident involved a single moose. It’s unclear if the moose was a cow or a bull. Parker said the skier saw the moose and tried to exit the area quickly toward some vegetation; the moose followed and went over the top of the skier.

The skier received minor injuries that did not require medical treatment as well as some broken ski equipment, Parker said.

According to a post on Nordic United’s Instagram, a moose was later spotted near the main ski trail nearly 3 miles up the canyon. It was not confirmed if it was the same animal.

The Forest Service is asking the public to proceed with caution if recreating in the Green Canyon area. In a statement on their Facebook, they gave the following tips from the Utah Division of Natural Resources when encountering a moose:

• On a trail, give the moose a lot of space and watch its behavior.

• Keep dogs leashed and under control. Moose can be very aggressive around them.

• Back off if a moose exhibits any signs of aggression, such as the hair standing up on their neck, snout licking or ears back.

• Stay calm. Do not run away. Talk, make your presence known and slowly back off in the direction you came.

• If a moose charges you or chases you, hide behind something solid such as a tree.

• If a moose knocks you down, curl into a ball, protect your head and lie still until the moose retreats.

If you have an encounter with aggressive wildlife, please contact the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources office near you.

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