Snowmobile crossing

Kennon Jeppson installs a sign to warn snowmobilers that they are approaching the highway on Saturday in Logan Canyon.

As colder weather approaches, members of the local snow mobile association are helping with preparations to help keep local riders safe.

“We are here for the safety and education of snowmobilers here in Utah,” said Cal Taylor, president of the Utah Snowmobile Association.

Last week with help from Taylor and members of the local chapter of the association, the Top of Utah Snowmobile Association, new signs were replaced in Logan Canyon that warn snowmobilers they are approaching the highway.

Set about 100 feet from the edge of the road, the new signs are bigger, brighter and shinier.

“We are doing that because we are concerned about the safety of our user group of snowmobilers as they cross the highway there in Logan Canyon,” Taylor said.

Kennon Jeppson, the president of the Top of Utah club, said the signs can make a big difference for riders.

“I know that when it is snowy and kind of foggy out and you are running down the trail, it is super nice to have those bright red signs show up,” Jeppson said. “That way you don’t just ride out into the middle of the road and get run over by a snowplow.”

The group also helped install signs at the beginning of the trail head that can help orient riders to which trail they are taking and ones that warn riders of trail sections that cannot be used by vehicles weighing over 800 pounds.

On Saturday, the group will help install a kiosk at the Franklin Basin parking lot. The kiosk will have six wooden posts that hold three signs that can be used to post information about things like fire restrictions or trail closures.

“It is one of those areas where everybody passes by, so it allows us to get a broader communication out there,” Jeppson said.

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