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People with “Aggiemail” Google accounts have a limited time to download emails and any other data they’ve stored there before the service shuts down next year.

Utah State University is permanently discontinuing Aggiemail due to changes at Google affecting storage services for educational institutions. An email to Aggiemail account holders sent out on June 7 states the university has elected to “sunset” Aggiemail by May 30, 2022.

“Google has, for over a decade, provided unlimited storage and services free of charge to educational institutions,” the email states. “Thanks to this generosity, USU has been able to extend access via AGGIEMAIL personal accounts services; including free and unlimited use of Google Photos, Google Drive, and and e-mail address to many students, faculty, staff, alumni and summer citizens.”

After an announcement from Google in November that new photo and video content uploaded to Google Photos would tally against the free 15 GB, and another announcement in February changing Google storage policy for schools and universities, USU made “the difficult decision” regarding Aggiemail.

According to USU’s information technology website, USU services for enrolled students using Aggiemail accounts will be automatically transitioned to a account. Students can download their data as they choose.

USU spokesperson Emilie Wheeler said the university began providing registered students with new email accounts in June.

Other Aggiemail users — including summer citizens, emeriti, alumni and club account holders — can also download their data and are provided options for free, alternative cloud storage services.

According to the IT website, faculty and staff with “emails or data constituting USU business in the system, those must be downloaded and retained in USU-official systems, in accordance with State and Federal regulations and with USU policies and procedures.”

Quarterly reminders will be distributed to Aggiemail addresses and preferred email addresses through 2021 followed by monthly reminders to begin on Jan. 1, 2022. Weekly reminders will be sent from April 15, 2022, until the sunset date. Those who wish to avoid reminders can delete their Aggiemail account after desired data, photos and emails have been downloaded and related accounts disassociated.

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