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A free dental clinic is visiting Logan this week, offering certain services to those who qualify.

The University of Utah School of Dentistry’s mobile clinic will be in Logan from Monday, June 7, through Friday, June 11, at the Bear River Health Department, 655 E. 1300 North.

Health Promotion Deputy Director Allena Pierce said BRHD has been working with the program for five years or so.

“It’s really, really a great program,” Pierce said. “Generally in the past, people have been super grateful, they’ve been very thankful that they can get their children in, that they can get themselves in.”

People who don’t have insurance with dental coverage and whose household income is below 200% of the poverty line may qualify. No dental coverage is needed.

The clinic’s services include exams, X-rays, cleanings, sealants, fillings (silver on the back teeth and white on the front teeth) and extractions.

“We’ll do just about everything that can be done in single visits,” said Joe Guimond, mobile outreach coordinator with the UofU School of Dentistry. “So procedures that take multiple procedures, like dentures or root canals, then we wouldn’t be able to do those.”

It’s important to help people access dental care because poor oral health can be linked to a variety of other problems and may even impact people’s ability to work or students’ performance in school, Guimond said.

“Good oral health affects the rest of the body,” Guimond said. “So poor oral health affects the ability to go to work, to go to school.”

The mobile clinic started new patient exams when it arrived Monday afternoon and will continue Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Following the first exam, the clinic will schedule follow-up appointments throughout the rest of the week if patients require further procedures.

After the mobile clinic’s week in Logan, it will spend a week in BRHD’s Tremonton location.

For appointments, call BRHD at (435)792-6500, then dial zero and ask for the mobile dental clinic.

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