Natasha Helfer

Natasha Helfer

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A Latter-day Saint sex therapist — who backs gay marriage, counsels that masturbation is not a sin and insists pornography should not be treated as an addiction — faces possible expulsion from the Utah-based faith for publicly and repeatedly opposing the church’s doctrine, policies and leaders.

In a YouTube video, Natasha Helfer said she has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing Sunday in Kansas — where she lived before moving to Utah in 2019 — because “I am public and vocal about my stance supporting and educating about sexual health.”

Natasha Helfer shares some of her initial thoughts in regards to her upcoming membership council taking place April 18th at 7:30 pm central time zone.

Members of the therapeutic community have come out in support of Helfer’s professional work, saying it is in line with current licensed mental health practices.

“We are concerned that withdrawing Natasha’s membership will create a culture of stigma and shame for potential clients seeking therapy,” the letter, signed by hundreds of mental health professionals, states. It also could harm “other therapists providing culturally competent, clinically sound, and evidence-based care.”

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