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Art teacher firing appears unjustified

To the editor:

Century old paintings, culture and art may be more than some people can handle

On 12/08/17 I feel my daughter’s art teacher was wrongfully terminated.

On 12/04/17 after school, I received an email stating there was an incident in her art class. (I suppose a parent had called the school to complain...)

The email stated that the children were exposed to artwork you may find in an European art gallery. The email encouraged parents to speak to their children about how the images made them feel.

After speaking with my daughter at length, I found out she was not uncomfortable with the images she had seen. Apparently some children were because more parents called the school to complain and one parent went as far as to call the police to report it. FYI, no charges were filed.

When the district and Lincoln Elementary decided to terminate Mr. Mateo, my daughter was heartbroken!

I reached out to Mr. Mateo to let him know how my daughter was feeling and to tell him how much we appreciated him. He was devastated about what had happened, He explained that the material he had used for his lesson to exemplify the color relationships they were studying had been in the Lincoln art library for years and were NOT brought in by him!

I am so sad for Mr. Mateo but more so for the students at Lincoln Elementary. They have suffered a great loss, Mr. Mateo is an extremely talented artist, and an inspiration.

Thanks to him my daughter has a real passion and love for art. Now he’s gone it seems we have a craft class instead of art instruction. My daughter has been very unhappy cutting out snowflakes and pasting glitter.

Kamee Jensen


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