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To the editor:

Recently the local TV news had shown that the Forest Service or DWR had hauled out tons of trash from campsites. I completely believe they did and could probably could find many more tons of this trash.

I am an avid outdoorsman. I hunt, fish, camp, and mountain bike in our great outdoors. Every time I go camping I have to spend at least an hour getting the campsite cleaned up and presentable, and that is after choosing a campsite that is, what I consider salvagable and worth the effort. Some are just too far trashed. Removing items from the fire pit that will not burn, burying human waste, including toilet paper, feminine hygene products, and picking up trash and clutter that will fill a leaf bag is the work that needs to be done.

I have gone mountain biking up green canyon and as I approached a campsite I smelled smoke, as I got closer I was amazed to find a full blown fire going in the fire ring and no inhabitants.

Another thing that I notice is the continual violation of the 14 day camp limit. The Forest Service belongs to everyone, and no one person should be able to tie up a camp spot from being used by others. Another situation I notice is that we are limited on overnight camp spots as it is, and then people who go fishing or for hike/walk will park in a vacant camp spot while they do this so it prevents campers from having access to a camp site. In my experience it appears that a lot of abuse comes from kids and partiers who will take beer can/bottles up, consume, then leave the cans/bottles behind. I cannot tell you the number of times I think, as I turn into my trailer for the night, and wonder if some careless, wreckless, person will get carried away and start the forest on fire while I am asleep.

Anyway, after all of this is said, maybe just a few words of advice. 1. Cans and bottles do not burn. 2. Bring a shovel if you have to use the outdoors as an outhouse. 3. Haul out what you bring. Most roads have a trash receptacle at the trail head. 4. Please be very careful if lighting fires, make sure they are dead out. 5. Leave campsite in better shape then how you found it. 6. If using a generator please be curteous to your neighbors. I feel our land access is already diminished too much but I also can understand, based upon a few idiots’ behavior why things are taken away. Let's take care of this beautiful resource.

Cory Swenson


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