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To the editor:

Because I’m the expert on pretty much everything, people ask me my opinion on “global warming” or “global climate change” or whatever I’m supposed to call it now. I’ve thought long and hard about the subject. I’ve listened to the scientists, read the studies and decided that I simply don’t care. I’m not being trite — I honestly don’t care. I’ve seen the map that shows the projected land mass if all the ice caps melted. I’m OK with it. There’s nothing lost that I can’t live without and nothing we can’t build inland. Yes, many areas of productive farm land may become deserts. But that just means it will be perfect weather somewhere else. Maybe it’s time for Siberia to finally get a chance to grow something besides gulags and vodka. But I’m not really sure what the “right temperature” for the earth really is.

Over the past few billion years the planet has warmed and cooled fairly often. In fact, we had a “ice age” from 1300-1850 and 10,000 years earlier ice was everywhere. In the 1970s scientists claimed we were all going to freeze and now we’re all going to fry. Yawn. A few degrees either way isn’t going to stress me out much. Definitely not enough to drive a Prius.

My biggest issue is that there is no room for a dissenting opinion. Scientists are CERTAIN of global warming and insist it’s manmade. No alternative opinions, data and research are even tolerated. Scientists also once thought the world was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth. Galileo was jailed for disagreeing. My point is that valid science can withstand a dissenting opinion. Scientific advancement happens when the status quo is challenged.

I’m all for breathing clean air. And I applaud reasonable measures to protect the environment. Coal scrubbers, wind power, solar—all nice. But frankly I’d rather endure a little fracking and the possibility of an occasional pipeline leak rather than throw more money at the Middle East. Unless your home is off grid and made of mud, you ride a bike, never fly, and grow your own veggies, you’re part of the problem. You’ve sacrificed the environment for the sake of convenience just like me. Our planet is an amazing organism. It’s perfectly capable of shrugging its shoulders once in a while to rid itself of any pesky dandruff.

Remember that, my friends. We’ve been the apex for a few thousand years. Dinosaurs ruled for a hundred million. Earth will eventually tire of us and one good plague, eruption, asteroid, corona mass ejection, polarity flip later “climate change” will be the last thing we’re worried about.

Shane Traveller

Hyde Park

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