Timothy and Nancy Martin were married on Feb. 17, 1968, in the Los Angeles LDS Temple.

Fifty years have come and gone so fast. Twenty-plus years of sleepless nights. It was Dad’s job to work the night shift at Pepperidge Farm; 4-5 hours of sleep each day at its most was a perfect example of hard work.

Dad’s nickname is “Doors” for his broad chest and wide shoulders. He now walks with one shoulder lower than the other, a result of carrying the workload and his family leaning on him for support. A coach, a friend and someone to talk to.

Mom keeps things running at home. Organized, precise and exact. She can micro-manage any task, an original soccer mom, keeping everyone where they needed to be. Planner of family vacations in the station wagon. Atlas or map in hand as the navigator. California trips back home were the best, but try as we might, we’ll never forget our Cache Valley post office staycation.

Five kids all grown now with lives of their own left the nest empty but not alone: Traci, Tim (Sara), Tara (Brandon) Tod (Chalyce) and Tami (Clark). Sixteen grand children fill the storage on their phones.

Family history, Jeep races, construction projects, two LDS missions and dusting off the atlas have taken them from Empty Nesters to Empty Fridgers.

From California to Utah, thank you for making wherever the two of you lived, Home.

Happy 50th anniversary! We love you.