Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Dec. 4. The Mayor, Dru Strange, and Bobbi Leonhardt were absent.

After the regular business of the meeting, the council moved to the agenda items.

The first item was the approval of the Liquor License. It was decided to approve all licenses that have been paid, bought a business permit, and meet the state and county requirements.

The next item was to approve a new member of the Montpelier Foundation Committee. Steve Allred presented the name of John Lusk. The council approved Lusk being appointed to the Foundation board.

The council was polled for comments or concerns.

Steve Allred had no further comments.

Ted Slivinski reminded the council that the forms for the next group of basketball were due on the 9th.

The Council was reminded the next meeting would be on Jan. 9th.

Rick Roberts reported that the new sidewalk plow is working well.

Chief Roper asked the council to think about a time that would work to make decisions on which outdated ordinances should be removed and which ones need to be combined.

The Chief also reported that the electricians are almost finished in the new city hall, and then the plumbing and HAV will be finished. They are hoping to be in the new building by April.

There were no further comments, so the meeting was adjourned.

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