Suicide Walk

3rd Annual Suicide Walk

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As a senior project, three Bear Lake High School girls, Halsey Grosse, Hallie Skinner, and Teya Strong with Kandi Eborn as their supervisor, coordinated and put on the Third Annual Suicide Walk last Saturday, June 27.

According to Kandi, the event went really well with about 150 people participating. The hospital donated water, and Glenn Gilles provided the sound system.

It began at the high school at 9 a.m. with a speaker and a bead ceremony. The speaker was Brad Nelson who spoke about the ways we can notice or look for things surrounding a person who might need help or may be planning suicide. Dr. Jacobsen was in charge of the bead ceremony where each person picked out a bead; the color of the bead indicating why they were walking. For example, if they chose a white bead to carry, it meant they had lost a child to suicide; if they chose a teal bead, they were supporting someone who struggles or has attempted suicide; a blue bead meant they were supporting suicide prevention. There were many more colors that meant different things, all surrounding suicide prevention and supporting those who have attempted or who have committed suicide.

The walk started at the high school, went down 3rd Street toward the baseball diamond, and headed back to the high school, making that loop twice.

The walk was completely on pavement, so everyone was invited whether on foot, in a wheelchair, or using a walker. There were painted rocks along the route, and everyone was welcome to pick one up and take it home if it meant something to them.

The purpose of the walk was to reach out to others who need help and to make everyone aware of the suicide situation that is in the Montpelier area. Montpelier is a high-risk area for suicide, and Kandi herself has lost a son to suicide, which is why she was involved in the walk and wanted to bring everyone’s attention to the seriousness of the problem.

Kandi said she can’t wait for next year’s walk.

Donations were accepted and will go toward suicide prevention in Idaho.

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