7-22 Ladies Golf

Left to Right:Marsha Sortor, Taryn Crane and Linda Arnell

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Thirteen women braved the cloudy skies and predicted thunder storms on Wednesday, July 22, to participate in Ladies’ Day at the golf course. They formed four teams and played a scramble called “Bunker Down”. In this scramble bunker shots and putts do not count, so you hear the women cheering when their shots land in the bunkers (sand traps) and moaning when their shots are headed for the bunker but stop short of reaching it. Wanting to reach the green as soon as possible so scoring would stop took its toll on one team when their chipping skills disappeared and close chip shots fell short or rolled over and off the greens – good thing their laughing skills “up” lifted their spirits.

Linda Arnell, Taryn Crane and Marsha Sortor did the best job of ‘bunkering down” and brought in a score of 22 to take first place this week. Only one shot behind with 23 were Jana Hansen, Brenda Messerly, Joyce Price and Jill Kunz to claim second place in the day’s winnings.

Last year a new tournament called “Trouble” was introduced to the women, and we held it again this year. As only four women could play this year, they decided to meet on July 16th and play everyone at the same time instead of having individual matches. In this tournament instead of keeping regular golf scores, points are received each time you get in trouble during play. Trouble points are acquired each time any of the following happen to your shot: landing in the rough, hitting a bush or tree, landing in the bunker, hitting the ball out of bounds, or having three putts or more; while a whiff (missing the ball) would add 2 points to their scores – and yes, two whiffs were recorded during play, but we won’t mention names. The player who is the best at staying out of trouble and acquires the least amount of points is the winner.

Polly Dahlke jumped out to an early lead on the first hole with only one trouble point; Joyce Price and Connie Hymas were close behind with two points. Polly lost her lead on the second hole when she got into trouble twice while Connie stayed trouble free and took the lead two to three. Miraculously, Connie Hymas never relinquished the lead from that point on and won the tournament with only six trouble points. Polly Dahlke took second place with eleven trouble points. Unfortunately trouble “dumped” on Marsha Sortor and Joyce Price’s day, but they were great- good sports and kept smiling through it all. Congratulations Connie and Polly! We had a tee-rific time tee-rying to stay out of tee-rouble!

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