Alert Sense

The power is on, and all is well. Are you ready for the next time there is a problem? Would you like to know in advance is something is going to happen? Well, there is a way you can be alerted to what is happening in our community if it is a planned event. If it is something that was not planned you can still get information updates.

Remember when you were a kid and watched tv when the ‘Alert” came on. This is an alert that will come to your smart phone. It is called Alert Sense. It will notify you in the event of

n Public Safety Alerts

n Evacuation Notifications

n Weather Alerts

n Response Team Management

n Public Health Emergencies

This is a service that is available through Bear Lake Sheriff’s Department. You need to go the and follow the instructions.

There is going to be a planned power outage sometime in the future to finish all of the repairs from the last outage. Be informed and be ready. Sign up today. If you have family members that may not see this article, please pass the word along. Knowing what is happening is an important part of being prepared.