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There is a page on Facebook called “You Know You’re From Bear Lake If.....” where people from Bear Lake, no matter where they live, can post memories, pictures, stories, information, facts, anything that pertains to Bear Lake. Then they chat and post messages back and forth regarding those items.

The News-Examiner has been monitoring the page and is finding some of the items very interesting. A lot of the pictures and stories discussed can be found in The News-Examiner archives. One of the items posted recently was about the “Explosion of the Dingle pipeline in 1995.” We at the News-Examiner went back through the archives and found the story printed in the July 5, 1995 paper about the explosion.

The explosion of the Northwest Pipeline happened at midnight on June 28, 1995 in Dingle and woke up the community who first thought it was an earthquake. The explosion ripped open a section of pipeline about the length of a city block, At the time the article was written, a cause for the explosion was unknown.

Flames from the resulting fire were seen as far away as Soda Springs and Randolph The immediate area was bright with the light of the flames.

People in the area were frightened and didn’t know where to go or what to do. The noise of the fire was described as, “As terrible roar.” Sheriff Brent Bunn said the flames were leaping into the air for hundreds of feet, and fire fighters couldn’t reach the area of the fire for several hours.

It was about 3:30 a.m. before the flames subsided. The escaping natural gas fuel from the pipeline had to just burn off.

People and restaurants that used natural gas had their service turned off for a while, and restaurants had to find an alternate way to serve food to customers. A lot of them began cooking on grills to serve their food, which was approved by the Health Department.

If anyone is interested in reading the full article, it is available in the News-Examiner archives both physically at the News-Examiner location or electronically on the News-Examiner website.

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