Back to School

Students, parents, and teachers heading back to school

Summer is over and school is about to begin. The break was such fun what with meeting new friends and spending time with old friends. Vacationing took place, while staying at home for the break was also enjoyed. That last day went by so fast; already longing for next summer to begin. But wait! School! With recess and lunch break, library time and PE! Maybe it won’t be so bad!!!

New school clothes are donned with expectation; new backpacks are loaded with pencils, pens, paper and calculators. Parents load kids into their cars and vans, and buses load them aboard those long yellow buses that signify school is beginning; all heading to their respective schools. Teachers are already in their classrooms, excited and prepared to teach their new students. It is the first day of school in Bear Lake County.

Children of all ages, at each respective school, flock to the door with enthusiasm, all expecting “this year” to be different, magical. Each child is excited to meet his/her new teacher, to be taught and to learn. That first day is a landmark day, the day when a child climbs one more rung on the ladder to graduation and adulthood. Here they go for another great school year!

This year, enrollment in the Bear Lake County schools is about the same as last year. A few new students enrolled, but a few left as well.

There are a several new teachers this year, however! At Georgetown Elementary, Maurie Briggs is teaching second grade, and at Paris Elementary, Carrie Hislop is also teaching second grade this year. Bear Lake High School has five new teachers: Dawson Bingham teaching math, Garrett Blanchard teaching choir/theater, Tahnee Cook teaching science, Michael Messerly teaching English, and Bobi Pierson teaching history and economics. Bear Lake welcomes these new teachers and wishes them well!

They are off to a good start with smiles on their faces, all hoping to keep the momentum up. Let’s all make this the best school year ever in Bear Lake County School District #33!