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(For complete rules, see Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules.)

Who needs a bear bait permit?

• Any licensed hunter who is placing bait to attract bears; one bait permit consisting of three site tags is allowed per bear hunter per year. Permit allows up to three separate bait locations.

• Anytime bait is placed at a site, the permit holder with the site tag on the bait must be present. Example: Joe baits a barrel week one; Jane baits the same barrel on week two. If they are not accompanying one another, they each need their own bear bait permit and must attach their own site tag.

What bait can I use?

• Any mammal carcass or parts (excluding classified game or protected species) with the skin or hide removed.

• Fish (excluding game fish or protected species).

• Furbearers (beaver, mink, etc.) that have the hide removed.

• Pastries, baked goods, oats, grains, molasses and similar feed items, assuming all wrappings are removed from these items.

What bait is illegal?

• Carcasses and parts of all game animals, game fish, and protected species. This includes game animals and fish that come from the wild and commercial domestic sources (e.g., pen-raised game birds/animals or hatchery-raised game fish).

• Salt in any form.

How do I hold/place bear bait?

• A single metal container (maximum size 55 gallons) that is securely attached at the bait site; no plastic barrels.

• An excavated hole no greater than 4 feet in diameter.

• Within natural debris.

• Prior to placement, bait must be removed from ANY AND ALL packaging.

• A site tag issued by Idaho Fish and Game must be visibly attached to a bait container, nearest tree, or other immovable object.

When can I bait bears?

• No bait or bait containers can be placed for the purpose of attracting or taking black bears before the opening of black bear take season. Exception: In Units 10, 12, 16A, 17, 19, 20, 20A, 26, and 27, bait may be placed up to 7 days before the take season.

Where can I bait bears?

• No bait site can be located within 200 feet of any water (lake, pond, reservoir, or year-round free-flowing stream or spring).

• No bait site can be located within 200 yards from any maintained trail or any established roadway that is open to the general public for motorized traffic. Refer to Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules for the definition of an established roadway.

• Panhandle and Clearwater regions only: No bait site may be located within 200 feet from any maintained trail or any established roadway that is open to the general public for motorized traffic.

Important things to remember:

• Bait permits are valid for spring and fall seasons in the calendar year for which they are issued.

• No person may hunt over an unlawful bait site.

• Persons placing bait must still follow restrictions placed on federal, state, or private lands—a bear baiting permit is not an exemption to a land manager’s existing rules.

• Any structures constructed at bait sites and all materials (barrels included) must be removed by the permit holder within 7 days after the close of the spring, fall, or dog training seasons. Stashing of barrels is NOT allowed.

For questions, call Senior Conservation Officer Raliegh Scott, Soda Springs, 208-270-992.

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