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A lot of people think the Bear Lake Arts Council is just about the plays. However, the Arts Council does so many other things. In the past, they have sponsored art camps for kids, gallery nights for adults to show off artistic skill, breakfast with Santa at Christmas, tea parties with Disney princesses, talent events, and much more.

The Arts Council would like to continue the tea parties, the plays, gallery nights, and more. They have a goal of a Superhero tea party down the road and want to do different activities to promote all aspects of the arts. Plays are definitely in the works, and the “Music Man” is planned for June 2021. They are planning a play for this fall, and trying to host something every three months or so whether it is a gallery night or something for the kids. They even want to start doing live activities online or on YouTube. Discussion of a local talent show in the future has been ongoing. Therefore, they need volunteers to head committees and sub-committees and people to participate in different events.

The Board of Directors includes Shanna Spuhler, President; Tabetha Bissegger, Vice-President; Kimberly Donaghue, Secretary; Lori Haddock, Executive Director; and Jared Farmer, Communication Action Representative. But they want people to head committees or just join a committee to help. They are looking for people who might have some other ideas of things they can bring to the table and help bring ideas to fruition.

They are looking to create individual committees over different aspects of the Arts, mainly to encourage community involvement without people feeling over-burdened with too much to do.

Right now, Karen Matthews is their lead over the Visual Arts Committee. This committee will help organize their visual arts events that involve photography, painting, and drawing, etc. It will also help with painting sets and scenery for the productions.

They would also like a Community Involvement Committee to help with any of their community-involved events such as kid’s camps, dinners, and fundraisers. This committee will also help with marketing of other events.

The Theatrical Committee will need a lead and a committee to help organize and put together productions. They try to do one large production and one small production a year. They will need to find set crews and work closely with Shanna and other board members and just let creative vision come through for the plays. This is a bigger role, but plays are only put on two times a year.

Jared Farmer is currently the lead over the Music Event Committee. He will be hosting concerts and is in the process of hosting a couple of musical artists who will be coming to the valley as well as music events for local artists. He will need a committee to help with all of this.

The Council is looking into the writing arts and trying to find a way to promote written creativity in the valley, and a committee to help with this would be nice.

The Arts Council is also wanting to get a committee to help with the schools better. They have had a great relationship with the schools and want to be able to enhance that.

One can join all the committees or choose just one. The board of directors will work with each committee, and Shanna wants to clarify that you don’t have to be part of a committee to be involved. If you want to participate in one or all of the different events, all volunteers are welcome.

According to Shanna, “In the past, we have just flowed with a small group, but we are getting involved enough and starting to get more interest so we would like to have the sub-committees so that we can keep the momentum going. We have grown and want to keep that; we don’t want to fizzle out. A lot of small communities do. Our valley has incredible talent. It’s fun to live in a small community because you can really recognize all the different abilities people have that don’t get noticed as much as they should and be able to reach out to them. That’s our goal. We are just starting small and see where we go. It’s going to take a while, but if we can form these committees and sub-committees, we can promote more and get more going on.”

People are welcome to contact the Bear Lake Arts Council through their Facebook page, or they can reach Shanna Spuhler at 435-881-9397 or by email at They hold their council meetings the second Wednesday of every month.

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