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The Bear Lake County Commissioners Vaughn Rasmussen and Rex Payne met via Zoom and in person for a special meeting on Thursday, May 20, 2021, to discuss three agenda items.

The Commissioners ratified the election results held on May 18 which were:

Library District

Kevin Jacobson 276

Sara Lusk 155

Kristen Hayes 93

Bear River Mosquito Abatement Annexation

In favor 144

Opposed 24

14.38% voted

A review of the mapping around the Maverik site in Montpelier was made and discussion ensued regarding the alley owned by the County on the southern edge where the egress lane is intended to be constructed for Maverik fuel trucks. Prior to obtaining permission from Idaho Department of Transportation permitting, the County’s input is required. The dumpster location at the western end of the alley will be modified under this scenario but that is not anticipated to be a problem but was expected to make collection easier. A survey has been made of the area which is the reason Maverik had determined the need to approach the County for permission to use the area. County Prosecutor Joe Hayes was directed to work with Maverik to craft appropriate conditions in an agreement for use of the alleyway. Chairman Rasmussen had spoken with the hospital chairman and administrator who expressed no problems with the proposal. The motion to approve the proposal to use the County alleyway as proposed under an agreement to be written was unanimously approved.

Paul Sousa explained the Fish Haven General Store’s application for a catering permit to serve alcohol at an on-premises event in late June. After discussing the county and state regulations, it was determined additional information regarding the state’s existing permit is required so that the appropriate language and permitting is in place prior to the June event. Mr. Sousa will return to discuss the matter with the Commissioners during their regular meeting in June.

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