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Election turnout was mainly low compared to last year, where the percentage totals were the highest that the County had seen with most community having an 80% or higher turnout.

Bloomington, with a 63.6% turnout had the highest this year. Roy Bunderson won the Mayor race with 57 votes. Ted McGhee received 40 votes. Dan Porter had 58 votes for a four-year Council seat, and Michael H. Knapp took the second seat with 56 votes in a write-in campaign, and Katie Payne received 32 votes for a write-in. The two-year seats went to Cynthia Piggot, receiving 55 votes and Phillip Ward 86 votes. There were two seats open. A total of 98 votes were cast from the 154 registered voters.

Bern had a 65 % turnout for the Cemetery board position with 40 write-in votes for Jerry Gunderson, and Brett A. Argyle received 21 votes. There were 61 votes from 93 registered voters.

Georgetown had the next highest turnout with 34 % of voters. There were 100 voters out of 294 registered voters. Stephen R Waechtler had 83 votes and was uncontested. Two Council positions were open, and Trenton Morrell received the most votes with 62 votes in a write-in campaign. Greg Kunz, being reelected, received 53 votes for the second position winning against Curtis McKinney with 38 votes and Tamalu Glende receiving 25 votes.

In Montpelier, Ted Slivinski won the Mayor position with 340 votes against Dave Higley with 102 votes. There were three four-year term seats. Quin Pope received 397 total votes, Shane Johnson received 380 votes, and Brady Shultis with 390. With a total of 1416 registered voters, 452 cast their ballots for a turnout of 31.9%.

The lowest turnout was in Paris, with 293 registered voters and 79 casting ballots for a 27% total. There were two four-year Council seats, with Dana Jacobsen was reelected with 59 votes, and Jeanna Matthews also reelected with 44 votes. William Pettis received 22 votes, Emily Hirst 13 votes, and 12 for Kelvin Smith.

These results are not yet certified.

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