In Montpelier for the four year term, Dan Fisher, Bobbi Leonhardt and Steve Allred kept their seats with 214, 207 and 158, respectively. John Lusk received 133 votes. Charles Horikami won the two-year seat with 68 write-in votes.

In Bloomington, both two-year positions were won by Shawn Turner, with 42 votes, and Richard Kearl on a write-in vote, with 29 votes.

In Georgetown, Deloy Kunz and Tee Steadman filled the two four-year council positions with 44 and 43 votes, respectively.

In Paris, Brad Wilks is Mayor with 115 votes. The two four-year postilions were won by Kelly Jensen with 94 votes and Connor Lutz with 87 votes. Laurie Rich received 37 votes. The two-year position was won by Jeanna Matthews with 79 votes. Adam Johnson received 39 write-in votes.

In St Charles, Alan Michaelson defeated Patrick Reese with 34 votes; Patrick received 23 votes. The two two-year council positions were won by Dallas Arnell and Jess Johnson, both with 29 votes. They defeated Earl Bailey, who had 26 votes, and Keith Pugmire, who received 28 votes.

For the Bear Lake School District in Trustee Zone 1, Richard Smart won with 90 votes against Kade Grunig with 49 votes. Both candidates were write-in votes.

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