The children and adults participating in the Summer Reading Program at the Bear Lake County Library were challenged to create an egg drop lander. Scientists and engineers designing moon landers must design a vehicle that will descend and land slowly enough not to damage its cargo. Creating a package that will successfully land a raw egg dropped from the roof of the library building will give the children an idea of how difficult it is to land people safely on the moon. It will be interesting to see if any of the eggs land on the cement sidewalk in one piece. The egg drop event will take place Wednesday, June 19th at 10:50.

The theme of the Summer Reading Program is “A Universe of Stories.” Each Wednesday morning, participating children have come to the library to learn about space and the Solar System. On June 12th, David Ream gave a demonstration about magnets and magnetic fields.

The summer reading challenge will end Friday, July 5th. Children who participated should bring their completed reading logs to the library during the week of July 4th and pick up their rewards. The party for all the children participating this summer will take place July 17th at the library.