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A regular meeting of the Bear Lake County Planning and Zoning Commission was held on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at the County Courthouse in Paris, Idaho. The agenda was approved as published.

A public hearing regarding a rezone of property at 1322 Maple Road in Montpelier for Marilyn Crane and a preliminary plat at Sage Hill on the east side of Bear Lake were heard. The Rezone application was approved, followed by a lot split on the same property and both were approved with no objections from the public or negative input from the Commission members.

The preliminary plat application for Sage Hill by Krista Klein involved property on the east side of Bear Lake for a proposed 14-lot subdivision on the lake front. The proposal would be for a one-way roadway inside the subdivision with street width of 15 feet and, in response to the Commission’s and the County Fire Chief’s stated wishes, would have no parking allowed at the roadside. Instead, parking for guests may be arranged at the nearby marina or in a parking area on the opposite side of the highway on property which is also owned by the development. Klein emphasized that the development philosophy is to keep the area as natural as possible and to not build the development around cars but to keep it walkable rather than focus on dedicating space to vehicles. Questions were raised about dumpster location, sewer capacity, water and power access and egress and ingress points. The preliminary plat was given unanimous approval for presentation to the county commissioners for consideration at their next meeting.

Kathi Izatt discussed three recent lot spits that had been approved by the Commission and noted provisions in the County’s ordinances that should be considered in processing such applications including “safe and legal access” and the requirement that no further division can be made of the property for a period of five years. She discussed lot line adjustment with the Commission and commented briefly on procedural matters, requesting and receiving agreement that future agendas would include specific information regarding the community where applications are being made so that people are made aware when agendas are circulated and that the same information given the Commission is provided to her as the newspaper reporter to provide background for articles. Finally, she recommended a study group be formed to begin work on an ordinance update, pointing out specific problems with Idaho Code 67-6539 regarding short term rental which the current County regulations are not in compliance with and should be modified. The Commission felt the County Commissioners would direct them to make such changes if necessary.

The Commission members mentioned a variety of topics such as possible transportation maps drawn up by Mitch Poulsen using satellite photography upon which he had added interconnecting roadways where he felt such were needed to complete or enhance County roads in the future. There was a brief discussion about property in the St. Charles area where a sale may occur and a private drive that may need to be extended or improved to provide required access to any new homes built on that property which lies outside the City limits. Wayne Davidson noted that even though the City mapping showed a street, in one location a barn had been built in the middle of it. It was also stated that red lines on the mapping shown to the Commission members may be lot lines rather than streets. There was speculation that there will be no agricultural open space between St. Charles and Fish Haven in the future but it will be filled in with subdivisions. A call had been received by Wayne Davidson and Albert Johnson regarding a lakeshore property owner between Fish Haven and St. Charles who had placed a

drain on three sides of the property to the lake. Recommendations had been made to the caller to contact various agencies to discuss encroachment on wetlands and other jurisdictions but there was agreement that such activity was outside the Planning Commission’s authority. Returning to the transportation map proposals, the Commission members and Wayne Davidson felt it would be helpful to have roadway references in place as future development progresses to help keep roadway networks open.

Minutes of the prior meeting were approved as presented and the meeting adjourned at approximately 9 p.m.

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