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The County Planning and Zoning Commission met on August 18, 2021, with commission members Kristy Crane (vice chair), Albert Johnson (chair), Patrick Reese, Devin Boehme present in person and (via Zoom) Rob Smith, with assistance from Mitch Poulsen, Administrator, and Wayne Davidson, Secretary for commission and Building Inspector. The agenda was modified to delete the item involving the Thom Morgan 7 Mile Subdivision. Public hearings were held regarding Phase 7.21 and The Knoll in the Reserve, a rezone for David Hymas at 158 Sawmill Road in Sharon, and rezones for two parcels in the Dingle area for Merrill Kunz.

The rezone application for David Hymas was from ag zone to residential and no public comments were made with regard to the proposal. The rezone was unanimously approved. Immediately thereafter the Planning and Zoning Commission considered a lot split application for the same property and the lot split was also unanimously approved.

The first Merrill Kunz application involving Parcel #04243.02 in Dingle involved approximately 2.5 acres with a home on the property and the application requested zoning from ag to residential. Again, no public comment was made and the commission unanimously approved the application for rezone. The second Merrill Kunz application was for Parcel #04241.00, again in Dingle, which contains approximately five acres and a brick home, to be moved from the ag zone to residential. With no public comment on the application, the commission unanimously approved the zone change.

With respect to both Kunz properties, the commission then moved unanimously to approve lot splits for both parcels which had received approval of a zone change.

Deworth Williams had presented an application for a lot split along US Highway 89 but had not provided sufficient information to allow the commission to determine the access point for the lots, how lots would be laid out or other details needed. The commission unanimously tabled the matter until more information was provided to complete the application for review.

Krista Klein requested an amendment to the East Shore Subdivision regarding a lot on the southwest corner of the subdivision regarding a lot discovered there which was owned by her grandmother. The commission approved the amendment unanimously.

The public hearing regarding 21 lots at the Reserve in Phase 7.21 was presented by Gabe Lleras who explained the application had initially been made in 2008 and no changes had been in the interim. The lots ranged from slightly under half an acre up to 1.4 acres in size. An exiting road would be extended into the property for access. Ed Izatt, Fish Haven fire department chief, inquired about dual access roads to access the area for emergency services. Lleras responded that a nearby road in Phase 8 was being changed to provide dual egress/ingress and the subdivider was working on that but it was not yet recognized on the mapping. At the conclusion of the public hearing, the commission unanimously approved Phase 7.21.

A public hearing was also held regarding The Knoll at the Reserve with Gabe Lleras presenting. He explained a decision had been made that single family homes were a better fit for the Reserve and the neighbors than condominiums as had been originally planned for the site. Enlarged single family home sites were proposed to absorb the unbuildable area but the building envelope would be placed away from the ravine where it is impossible to build. There were to have been 16 townhomes but the present proposal would be for eight single family homes instead. In response to a public comment, Lleras reiterated that the building envelope would be nearer the road and would be recorded in the final plat so that the proper placement would be assured. The commission unanimously approved the application with the condition that the building envelope designation would be shown on the final plat.

The final matter before the commission involved the Spencer Bailey laundry facility that had previously been considered but tabled while requesting further information from legal counsel. The Bailey property local is 80 Green Canyon in St. Charles and had been in the residential zone but it was deemed necessary by legal counsel to be rezoned as commercial. Commission members had previously been dissatisfied with the proposal to rezone to commercial due to such issues as the facility did not directly generate profit but was used as a part of Bailey’s short-term rental operation for both laundry and equipment storage. Because there was not a direct retail component, the commission members had requested review and it was reported that because Bailey did not reside at the premises, it was not a home business. Despite reservations from commission members, a motion was made to approve the commercial zone and was unanimously adopted, adding the conditions that the building would be used only for its present purpose supporting short-term rental with laundry and equipment storage.

Minutes of the prior meeting were unanimously approved.

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