While reporting the last county commissioner’s meeting, the News-Examiner failed to make it clear regarding the upcoming option to pay property taxes online.

Tricia Poulsen, who has worked for the county for 19 years, has changed companies the county works with to generate tax billing. Residents already have the option of paying their property taxes online and soon will be able to generate statements online. If you decide to sign up for online billing, you will be able to look at your previous years’ tax bills as well. It is important to stress that electronic billing will be completely optional. This year, levy approval from the state is later than usual. Therefore, the county will not start the tax drive until Nov. 1.

It was previously reported that the Treasurer’s office was six months behind on the tax drive, when in actuality it is the Assessor’s office that is approximately six months behind on updating deeds in the computer. If any residents haven’t received their property tax notice by the end of November, please contact your treasurer’s office at 208-945-2130 ext 7.

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