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On Feb. 9, the Bear Lake School District held a work meeting before the regular board meeting. The work meeting was for Dave Brinkman from the ISBA to present the rules and responsibilities that Boards must operate under. The training is the second part of the training the Board has received. The training is in place of the usual conference that Boards attend. The change is because of the Covid Virus.

The regular meeting began at 7 p.m and could be attended by zoom.

After the regular business of the meeting, and no public coming before the Board to be heard, the Board moved to the Superintendents reports.

There are currently no teachers identified as currently having Covid, and only one student has been identified with the Virus. Most of the employees that are wishing to have the vaccine have had an opportunity to do so.

The Superintendent gave the Board an update on legislative updates, and several bills may impact our area. He also reported that it had been determined that businesses can require employees to be vaccinated, but the School District will not make it mandatory. Currently, the Cares Act pays for two weeks of sick leave should you get Covid. This leave is in addition to any leave from current vacation or sick leave. In the future, this may not be available if you had an opportunity to receive that vaccine and declined to do so.

For What’s Right, Ms. Bassett presented a slide show on the Paris Elementary paraprofessionals. MS. Bassett is very grateful for their caring and thoughtful work. The school would not be the same without them.

The Council then moved to the action items.

G-1 was the FFCRA extension. The Board approved the extension. FFCRA refers to the Family First Care Act.

G-2 was the Teacher Evaluation Form Modification. There was a change in the form, and the Board approved the change.

G-3 was the Internet E-Rate Bid. The Board approved the bid. There is currently one provided that can provide the necessary access the district requires. The Bus Shop will be included in the next contract. The contract is for five years. The Board can not approve any one provider, only an amount.

G-4 was the Return to School Plan. Currently, the State has gone back to Stage 3. This stage allows more spectators at Extra-Curricular events. The Board chose to remove all restrictions on who may attend local games. If our teams can go to District or State competitions, the requirements of those areas will apply.

G-5 was the last policy; this applied to policies #2435 and #2435F. These policies apply to Advance opportunities and the necessary form. Advance opportunities are for staff the participate in leadership roles in the different programs. The Board approved these policies.

The Board motion and approved adjourning the meeting.

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