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Bear Lake County School Board held its regular meeting on Oct. 13. Angie Grunig was excused.

After the regular business of the meeting, the board asked if there were any public comments. No one who attended the public meeting requested to be heard.

Superintendent Brogan had a plaque to present to Douglas Eborn, who has retired. Eborn was not present, but the board thanked him for his years of service.

Principal Kelsey introduced Emma Barker to the board. Emma is very involved in the school and a great student, according to Kelsey. Emma had requested to address the board concerning the Dress Code and hats being prohibited in school. Emma had attended a high school in Utah before attending Bear Lake High. Hats were allowed in her other school. Emma expressed her understanding of why the dress code exists and the reasons for a dress code. First is modesty. Emma felt hats just cover more, so that was not a reason. The second reason was respect or distraction. She said she understands that all hats must not have graphics or sayings that are offensive. Emma felt that in today’s world, hats are part of everyday dress. She felt school is every day. She was very informed and professional in addressing the Board. The Board could not make a decision as this was not on the agenda.

Superintendent Brogan told the Board if they wanted to address these issues, they should work through Angie and then vote on it at a later meeting.

For What’s Right, Principal Kelsey reported on the great job and success of the Service-A-Thon. He felt more students than ever participated, and several projects were completed. The High School enjoyed the chance to give back to the community.

Penny Bassett showed a video that paid tribute to the Lunch Ladies and thanked all of them for the excellent job during the pandemic. They have had to do a lot.

Colby Romrell wanted to say how impressed he was with the flag presentation the football team did at homecoming to honor our veterans. He felt Jake Smith needed to be recognized for this outstanding project.

Direct Communications donated $13,000. Bear Lake School District is the top district for donations. The money is used for things that help the students. It is appreciated.

The Board moved to the action items.

Item E-1 Smoothwall Contract. Smoothwall is the filter system used by the district so students do not access inappropriate sites. The question was asked if this was the best choice for our district. In the beginning, several issues arose but have been worked through. The program requires continuous updating as more websites are created. The program seems to be doing the job and is the least expensive the district can find. The contract was renewed for three more years.

E-2 The Mastery Connect Contract needed to be approved or denied. Principal Penny Basset from Paris Elementary said she felt the program did a good job. It lets the teachers know if the children have mastered the concept and how they do on testing. The contract was approved.

E-3 Power School contract. The contract is for the system that manages the student’s data. Principal Kelsey said this program is widely used and is working well. The board approved the contract.

E-4 Emergency hire regarding Elizabeth Tafoya as a teacher at A.J. The board approved her hire.

E-5 Copy Machine Purchase. The district has two copy machines currently needing to be replaced. One is 13 years old and the other 11 years old. The board approved the purchase of new replacement machines.

E-6 Excess Property. Currently, there are several desks at the middle school that has been replaced. The Board approved the sale of the old desks.

E- 7 District Scanning project. The district has about 50 banker boxes of records needing to be scanned to digital format in order to have a secure copy provided to the district and a backup. The district had received a bid on this at an earlier date but had recently been contacted by the company at a much lower price. The records will be kept in a secure location until the district gives the okay to shred them. The board approved the project.

E-8 Five-year Technology Plan. This plan makes sure that electronic devices are replaced regularly. The question that came up was if the plan is adequate for all the necessary technology. The Superintendent felt the plan is adequate at this time. The board approved the plan.

E-9 Employee Distribution Award. Due to state budget cuts, teachers did not receive a raise. The award will allow the district to give the teachers a bonus in Dec. and May to help offset the budget cuts. The board approved the award.

E-10 #3085P Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process. There have been some changes made by the state recommendations that the District needs to approve. The board approved the policy.

E-11 is #3085 Sexual Harassment Discrimination and Retaliation Policy and Police #3085F Notice of Investigation and Allegation Template. This also applies to the changes made on the state level that the District needs to adopt. The board approved these policies.

E-12 #Participation on Non-Traditional Students in Extracurricular Programs. This year the District has many on-line students. With approval, these students can participate in Extracurricular Programs.

E-13 #2150 Copyright and Policy #2150 Copyright Compliance. The Board approved the policy.

E-14 Public Participation in Board Meeting policy and #4105F Request to address the board. The board approved the policy.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM.

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