Bear Lake County School Board meeting

Bear Lake County School Board meeting

The Bear Lake School District 33 Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting at 7 PM on July 9. Bills to be paid for June and July in the amount of $448,231.98 were approved. Superintendent Gary Brogan gave an update on summer maintenance being done. Bids have come in to replace a portion of the roof at the high school, as well as at A.J. Elementary. Emergency exits and windows are also being planned for. Brogan also expressed appreciation to school district clerk Annette Crane for doing a great job and reported that Debbie Keetch received the athletic director of the year award.

The board approved to declare a vacancy for Zone 3. They have 60 to 90 days to appoint someone to fill the trustee position, who must reside in Zone 3. If no interested candidates can be identified in that time frame, the board can choose someone residing outside of that zone within the district. The zone map is available at the district offices, and the notice for the vacancy will be published soon.

The Master Agreement for 2019-2020 was also discussed and ratified. Brogan stated there were some cost savings from the previous bid, such as on dental coverage. Paul Alleman asked how many employees are over the 20-year mark, and how much that will cost in bonuses. Business Manager Joey Probst stated he thinks 11 were, at a cost of approximately $15,000-16,000. The teachers gave up the $2,000 referral bonus for new hires. The Master Agreement will be posted on the district website.

The Salary Schedules for 2019-2020 for administration and support staff were then discussed and approved. Bill Pettis inquired what is considered full time. Brogan stated it was 40 hours. They continued to discuss the details of what benefits are paid for employees (non-certified positions) with under 20 hours per week, 20-39 hours, and 40 hours. They also discussed issues with offering contracts for aide positions, with Brogan stating it is an “at will” position, and their attorneys advise not to. Pros and cons of working for the district in these positions were also covered.

Pettis also discussed summer programs and emphasized the absence of any media coverage of what their kids are doing. He suggested that the Activity Director be assigned to make that happen, as well as Principal Luke Kelsey. Brogan responded, “I will work on that.” The date contracts are due back to the district was set for July 22, and the second reading of revised policy for “meal charged by students/staff” was approved. A one year contract with the Canvas platform, to continue for 6th and 8th grade, was also approved.

Brogan then discussed a recommendation by their attorney in Preston to give the Superintendent the authority to sign property deeds, further stating he was not sure why and didn’t care either way. Chairman Kolby Romrell said he was ok with it. Alleman stated he did not agree, that there was no need for it, and giving away board authority was not a good idea. Brogan said it would still require board approval. Alleman moved to table the item indefinitely, which the board voted to pass.

The meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM. There was some discussion after about the next community committee meeting, with Brogan unsure if or when it could take place with enough members to attend. For more information and minutes from the meeting, please visit or call the clerk’s office at tel:(208) 945-2891.

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