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The Bear Lake County School District held it's regular meeting on May 12, 2020. The meeting was held on Zoom.

All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Board discussed what projects that are hoping to have completed this summer. The main project is to get the track resurfaced. They are also hoping to replace some carpet. The District will also be purchasing a new bus this year. The question was asked if they had to save money by not having to bus students. The Board was told that they saved money this year, but this may hurt them next year on the amount the stay pays the District.

The Janitorial staff may also get more painting done than usual as they have had more time in the schools without the students.

The plan for High School graduation was reviewed. The idea is for eight students at a time to go the platform, which will be built on the top level of the bleachers at the rodeo arena. The students will come up in alphabetic order. A member of the school board will give each group their diplomas. Pictures will be taken by Bell photography as they have in the past.

Each student will be allowed two cars, the one they are in and one other vehicle. There will be a practice for graduation, and all students are asked to attend. The commencement will be broadcast on SVI and also live-streamed.

The grading criteria for the different schools was discussed. It was decided that the Middle School students will be given the grade that was the highest as of March 12 or at the end of the year, The reason that it is being done this way is not all students had equal support and access. The hope is that this will make it fair for all students.

The High school is looking at adding the D grade back to the grades so that fewer students will completely fail the trimester. Again not all students had equal support and access. The students are not being given any further assignments after May 14. This will provide the students with almost two weeks to make up any work. As always, if they desire, they can repeat the class next year. Principal Kelsey also expressed concerns that students did not have sports to encourage them to keep their grades up so they could participate.

The Board looked at what has been good this month. Two of the District students won a state photo contest. Colby Beard and Adam DeClark had photos that won in the contest. There was a great article done by the Idaho Education group about how many people Tammy Stephens has influenced to go into teaching. It was a great article.

Paul Alleman thanked Dr. Heeder for all of the great work he has done over the years. The rest of the Board agreed.

The Board also approved the policy regarding Employees paid with Federal funds and unexpected or Extraordinary closures.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 p.m.

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