BL Girls Volleyball

Top row: Coach Lauren Lufkin, Eliza Sharp, Lydia Johnson, Chelsea Gundersen, Baylee Armstrong, Hailey Humphreys, Kalisha Parker, Coach Wendy Parker. Bottom row: Shaylynn Passey, Jimi Lloyd, Elisabeth McDowell, Savannah Flake, Gracee Rigby.

The Bear Lake volleyball team had a very busy week! They faced Aberdeen at home and came out victorious. They then met with Malad and fought a good fight. They traveled to Ogden for a two day tournament and played against Uinta, Mountain Crest, Bonneville, Westside, and Layton twice. It was impressive to watch these girls go head to head with 6A and 5A teams. They played like warriors! Layton High School, home to 1800 students, was certainly surprised to be taken out of the tournament by our little Bear Lake Bears!! Our girls showed magnificent teamwork in bringing down the large Bonneville high school as well.

These girls are a force to be reckoned with. Our stats from just this week are as follows:

Served 90% as a team

Aces: Hailey Humpherys six, Baylee Armstrong five, Elisabeth McDowell five, Eliza Sharp four

Kills: Kalisha Parker 82, Chelsea Gundersen 75, Hailey Humpherys 26

Digs: Elisabeth McDowell 100, Kalisha Parker 45, Hailey Humpherys 57, Jimi Lloyd 37, Savannah Flake 26, Baylee Armstrong 19,

Blocks: Lydia Johnson 10,,Ellie Sharp nine, Chelsea Gundersen eight,

Jimi Lloyd 170 Assists

These amazing ladies have just one more home volleyball game on Thursday, October 17th against Soda. Come show them some love and enjoy senior night at 7:00.

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